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For those of you who will be taking the First Certificate exam on December 13, we have some useful tips that will help you to ‘keep it cool’ on the big day:

1. Give yourself enough time to study
Feeling stressed because you might not be able to finish your preparation in time will not help you get a good result. It’s better to have some time left at the end of you planning, than to be short of it.

2. Organize your study space well
Make sure you have a comfortable spot where you can work on your exam preparation. Is there enough light? Is your chair comfortable? Is the table adjusted to the correct height? It’s important to check these things.

3. Take regular study breaks
Your brain can’t function well if it’s overloaded by information. Therefore, it’s important to take regular breaks: go for a short walk, drink a cup of tea, call a friend. Anything to take your mind off your exam for a little while.

4. Eat foods that will give your brain a ‘boost’
Scientists have proven that certain types of food are good for your memory, such as nuts, fish, yoghurt and seeds. Try to fit these into your diet as your preparing for your exam. And avoid any type of junk food! Increasing the sugar levels in your brain too much will make your energy levels crash later on.

5. Plan your exam day
Know at what time you have to be there and how long it will take you to get there, what you will have to bring, what the requirements are, etc. You will feel more confident when you go into the exam well-prepared.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep the night before
It is better to go to bed early and get enough sleep than to stay up all night going over everything you’ve studied for the past months. The brain needs time to ‘organize’ all the information you’ve been feeding it and it will do so while you’re asleep.

Best of luck to everyone! Go get 'em!


viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014


This week we have been looking at essays; what they are, when we write them, why they are are a useful learning tool. Your homework was to write a short essay about who should do the housework in your house, adults or teenagers.  Here is some useful vocabulary for writing your opinion in an essay:

These word add to a point already made
in addition
as well
not only
in the same way....

Introducing examples
for example
for instance
as follows

Intoducing an aleternative opinion

by contrast
another way of looking at it is...
another possibility...
on the one hand..... on the other hand
in comparison
on the contrary


sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2014


This week we have been looking at family activites and many of you said you went to the cinema as a family. 
Here are some useful English phrases to use when at the cinema. 

what's on at the cinema?

what's this film about?

have you seen it?

who's in it?

it's just been released

it's been out for about two months

it's meant to be good

shall we get some popcorn?

where do you want to sit?
what did you think?
I enjoyed it

it wasn't bad

I thought it was rubbish

the plot was quite complex
the acting was …

she/he's a very good actress/actor

viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

Practice Exam Papers - Flo Joe

http://www.flo-joe.co.uk/cae/students/tests/Flo Joe is an excellent site for any one who is preparing to take either the Cambridge First Certificate or the Cambridge Advanced English exams. The wesbite contains useful practice papers and other activities.



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In our exam preparation classes this week we will be learning about activities we do with our families so here is a fun way to make a homemade trophy which can be won when family games nights become competitive.

1- Buy a plastic cup from a local shop.

2- Stick items which are used in family games to the cup such as:
  • Dice
  • Marbles
  • Small hourglass timer
  • Small masquerade mask
  • Playing cards

  • Here are some more items you might want to include.

    3- Use some spray paint to paint the trophy gold.

    4- The trophy can be mounted on a peice of wood with a screw.

    5- Don´t forget to include a small square of black paint where the name of the winner can be written on, and the trophy can be proudly displayed until the next family game night!

    lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

    PET 1 Silvia

    Buenos días,
    A continuación colgaré un link en el que hay un esquema de los cuatro condicionales muy bien resumido que espero que os sirva para estudiar la gramática que trataremos en el tema 8.
    Hay que hacer clic aquí para poder ver el cuadro.

    Silvia Vázquez

    jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014


    Hello everyone!

    Since everybody is studying hard for the PET official exam and the weeks are passing by quickly, I thought it would be a good idea to share a very useful website with all of you. It is called Auto English and it is the perfect tool to practise your Use of English skills from home. You have a section which has lots of transformations for you to choose from. They are classified by gramamar points, which I find very useful because that way you can work on your areas of difficulty. You can choose between two options: printing the pdf's out or doing the interactive online exercises. If you choose to print the pdf's, you will need to ask someone to correct them for you. The good thing about the interactive online exercises is that you can check your answers without anybody else's help by using the 'check' button.

    I hope you found this entry helpful. Good luck!


    jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014


    Aquí tenéis otro recurso bueno para repasar para el CAE. Cuando ya estas cansado de los libros, un ejercicio interactivo puede ser un poco más divertido. Lo ofrece Oxford University Press y es de su libro CAE result.
    CAE practice
    Hope you enjoy it.
    Peter F.

    lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014


    Here you have an interactive from Cambridge University Press which you can use to revise vocabulary for First Certificate.
    vocabulary for first certifiacte
    hope you like it.
    Peter F.

    lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014


    Here You have a great website where you can choose a sample of CB Cambridge exam.
    You have a list of the exams. Choose the one you are going to take and have a look at a complete sample test.
    It is useful to have a look at the video tutorial of each test.

    Here you have the video explainig why is so convenient to take the Computer Based (CB) and which are the advantages of taking it.

    I took this valuable information from Cambridge English Examinations ZH, Switzerland.
    Hope you like it.

    Peter F.


    Here you have a tutorial about the Computer Based FCE. It explains how the CB works.
    It comes from cambridgeenglishtv a You Tube chanel where you can find some more interesting videos and other CB cambridge exams tutorials.
    Hope it's helpful.

    Peter F.

    sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

    Flo-Joe for FCE

    Flo-Joe is an excellent resource for any First Certificate candidate or Preliminary English Test candidate. The website covers all aspects of the exams, including Use of English, Reading and Listing.
    flo-joe website

    For those who are taking exams this summer this website offers practice tests which are an ideal way to prepare.



    jueves, 23 de enero de 2014


    Aquí os dejo un enlace con consejos y frases hechas para poder hacer la parte 2 del speaking del examen del FCE. Comparar y contrastar dos fotos.

    tips for FCE speaking part 2

    Click on the image.
    Un saludo,
    Peter F

    miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

    jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

    PET: writing part 3 ( informal letter)

    Buenas tardes,

    A continuación se añade un link en el que se explica paso por paso y detalladamente como escribir correctamente una informal letter.
    Aparecen algunas 'frases tipo' que os pueden servir para enlazar las diferentes partes del escrito.

    Esperamos que os sea útil.




    miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

    PET's vocabulary

    Buenas tardes!

    A continuación os pongo un link que os lleva a un PDF en el que se encuentra todo el vocabulario del examen del PET, a parte del que se vaya dando en las clases.

    La primera parte del cdocumento tiene el vocabulario organizado en orden alfabético, aunque considero más práctico estudiar de la última parte, ya que el vocabulario está dividido en grupos, por temas como: comida, clase, hobbies...

    Os recomiendo que este listado de vocabulario esté siempre a mano, y es muy importante que os lo vayais mirando y estudiando poco a poco.



    lunes, 21 de enero de 2013


    Aquí os dejamos una página sugerida por nuestra alumna Eva en la que podéis practicar para el FCE. Buscad los ejercicios específicos para el reading, listening, use of English, etc...
    Además de ejercicios podréis encontrar listados de phrasal verbs, adj+prepositions, etc...
    Gracias Eva por la aportación.

    lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012


    A great list of Idioms to have a look for study or pleasure!


    Peter F.   always on cloud 9!!!

    CAE speaking

    Another interesting page to practise your speaking for CAE exam.
    Have a look!

    Peter F.

    FCE speaking

    Aquí os dejamos una página recomendable para ojear sobre el speaking.
    Muy útil la parte de preguntas personales. Así sabéis lo que pueden preguntar.

    Otra página muy útil con fotografías para poder practicar en casa o en clase es: http://practiseenglish.blogspot.com.es/search/label/FCE%20speaking

    Peter F.

    miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

    Phrasal Verbs

    No siempre es fácil entender lo que es un phrasal verb. Con este video os quedará bastante claro.

    En este enlace de Phrasal verbs Demon Tambien podéis tener más información sobre phrasal verbs así como  información muy útil en el diccionario ,sobre todo en el corpus.   www.phrasalverbdemon.com
    Dentro del corpus podéis buscar un tema o tópic y os dará como resultado una lista de phrasal verbs y además las palabras con las que se pueden encontrar relacionados ( lo que llamamos collocations).
    La verdad que vale la pena!
    Un saludo.
    Peter F.

    sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012

    British or American????

    Hola a tod@s os dejo el enlace a un interesante artículo sobre las diferencias entre British y American English con video incluido de la revista on line TeaTime-Mag. Os podéis suscribir y os llegan artículos nuevos cada cierto tiempo.
    Hasta pronto y recordad leer mucho en inglés , escuchar más y hablar por los codos.
    Peter F.

    martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

    Successfully learning new vocabulary

    Before a word is permanently stored in the memory, it needs to be used a number of times. This can make learning obscure words, such as ‘cushion’ (‘cojín’), a very difficult task.

    An efficient, although not very exciting, method of learning lots of new vocabulary is by giving yourself regular tests. This method quickly identifies the words that you have difficulty in remembering – words that you need to constantly use.

    After testing yourself a number of times, you will notice that the words become easier to remember.

    Grouping the words into categories, such as “verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs”, or into topics, such as “transport, food, hobbies.. etc” may make it more successful.

    This can be done very easily by making your own word lists, using simply pen and paper. Or, if you prefer, you can download a piece of software, designed especially for this.

    Interlex is very easy to download and use. It’s free and comes with ready-made word lists. It also allows you to create your own words lists.

    Download it here:


    lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012


    Hola a tod@s os dejo el link de la página dónde explica qué es el Computer Based FCE y desde donde os podéis bajar una demo para intalar en vuestro ordenador.


    Peter F.

    miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

    Ya nos hemos presentado!

    Esfuerzo, entrega, dominio, interés, participación, speakings, risas, transformations y... MUCHOS TESTS!

    Algunos de nosotros ya nos hemos presentado al examen del PET, y ahora a esperar los resultados y a disfrutar de unas estupendas vacaciones.

    Gracias por estos tres años juntos,
    Sergio Lagos

    miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

    Concentrados para superar el examen del PET!

     Concentrados para superar el examen oficial de Cambridge (PET). Clase de nuestro teacher Sergio.
    Nuestros alumnos saben bien lo que quieren. El esfuerzo por superarse cada día hará que consigan lo que se propongan.
    Aquí os dejo el enlace que os prometí sobre la página de Flo joe especial para que podáis hacer más práctica del PET.


    viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012


    Aquí tenéis los videos de las 4 partes del speaking del examen de la Universidad de Cambridge PET. Cuando empezamos la preparación propiamente dicha del examen, visionamos las cuatro partes del Speaking para tener una idea de cómo funciona el examen, además de comentar como lo hacía cada uno de los candidatos. Ahora, después de varias semanas practicando… ¡lo hacemos cada vez mejor! 


    Si tenéis dudas no dudar en contactar conmigo, 
    Sergio L.

    jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012


    Aquí tenéis los videos de las 4 partes del speaking del examen de la Universidad de Cambridge FCE. Ojo !!!!! Los videos sirven para tener una idea de cómo es el examen. Por tanto puede que los candidatos cometan errores (que lo hacen) y deberíamos de comentar los videos en clase o con tus compañeros y decidir qué partes podrían mejorarse o qué partes ya están bien.
    Parte 1
     Parte 2

    Parte 3

     Parte 4

    Blog de PET, FCE, CAE y CPE

    Aquí podréis encontrar recursos y todo lo que consideremos que os puede ser útil para aprobar los exámenes de la Universidad de Cambridge. PET, FCE, CAE y CPE.