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Find the cell phone you want to make the case for, and a duct tape of your desired color and texture. Be sure to choose the right size of duct tape (generally the thicker/larger size is best).

Cut approximately four strips of duct tape of equal length.

Circle around the cell phone with the duct tape. Do this with the sticky side facing out.

Cover the bottom of the cell phone with a strip of duct tape around 3 inches, 7.5 cm long, still with the sticky side facing out.

Completely cover the sticky areas with strips of duct tape (sticky side facing in).
Take a 10 inch (25cm) strip of tape and fold it in half. Trim away about 1 centimeter from the side––this will be the case's flap.

Put an inch (2.5cm) of Velcro tape where you want the flap to sit on the cover of the case.

Get the other piece of Velcro that is as big as the first piece, and stick them together.

Attach the flap to the Velcro first, then bring it over the top to the other side and tape it down. If you don't have Velcro, you can use duct tape; just fold the ends so that you know it's the front.

Make a Duct Tape Cell Phone Case Step 10.jpg


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In English, when we talk about things that happened in the past but don’t happen anymore we can do it in different ways.
Used to + infinitive
We use 'used to' + the infinitive for past states and repeated actions in the past. Keep in mind that we can only use this form for things that are no longer true.

*I used to live in Barcelona, but now I live in Hospitalet. (past state)
*I used to go camping in France every summer when I was little. (repeated action)

We use would when we talk about repetitive actions in the past. Be careful, we can only use 'used to' when we talk about past states.

*My teacher would always tell me to be quiet. 
*I would live in Barcelona, but now I live in Hospitalet.     -> I used to live in Barcelona, but now I live in Hospitalet.

Past Simple
We can use the Past Simple in the same way as 'used to' & 'would'. Remember, when something happened only once, we can only use the Past Simple.

*I lived in Barcelona, but now I live in Hospitalet.
*I went camping in France every summer when I was little.
*My teacher always told me to be quiet.
* I used to meet Johnny Depp. I would meet Johnny Depp ---> I met Johnny Depp (once).

The story below is about one of the teachers at That's Cool. Write down the examples of the structures used to talk about past habits (there's five in total) and decide if you can use any of the other structures as well.


''I used to live in Amsterdam. I worked for a publisher. I would go to the office on my bike. I used to go out with my friends every weekend. One night, we went to a concert of my favorite band. It was amazing!''

Answer key
1. used to live OR lived
2. worked OR used to work
3. would go (to the office) OR used to go OR went
4. used to go out OR went out OR would go out
5. went (no alternatives)